Declaration and certification

Our services

Our services

  • perfume and cosmetic products;
  • oral hygiene products;
  • medical devices.

Registration of certificates of conformity

  • in the voluntary certification system

We suggest you take advantage of the resources offered by the RegMed prof. Expert Group when declaring and certifying your product.

A declaration of conformity is a document certifying that the product meets applicable requirements. The company in whose name this declaration is issued is responsible for the accuracy of the information. The basis for a declaration of conformity is the results of assays and tests performed by a duly accredited testing laboratory (centre) and the company’s own evidence. A declaration of conformity is registered in the official registry of the Customs Union. A Declaration of Conformity can only be filed on behalf of a Russian company. In the case when the conformity of foreign-made products is being certified, the Declaration of Conformity is signed by the importing company.

Remember that a declaration of conformity is required for customs escort and for the sale of products.

As part of the full range of services that we provide our customers, we can also arrange for a voluntary certificate of compliance. Voluntary certification is most often done to confirm the declared properties of the product. We can help you obtain voluntary certificates for biologically active additives and perfume and cosmetic products.

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