State registration of cosmetic and oral care products

Our services include:

  • State registration of cosmetic products and oral hygiene products;
  • Conducting preliminary laboratory testing;
  • Amending Certificates of State Registration (production site, product name, holder, shelf life, etc.);
  • Making Customs Union Technical Regulation declarations of conformity.

Most cosmetic products and oral hygiene products are not subject to state registration. The manufacturer (or importer, if it is a foreign product) is obliged to certify that the product is in conformity with the requirements of Customs Union Technical Regulation TR CU 009/2011, On the Safety of Perfume and Cosmetic Products. However, in some cases, the state registration is required.«

List of perfume and cosmetic products that are subject to state registration:

  • Perfume and cosmetic products for artificial tanning;
  • Perfume and cosmetic products for whitening (lightening) of the skin;
  • Cosmetics for tattoos;
  • Intimate cosmetics;
  • Perfume and cosmetic products for personal skin protection against occupational hazards;
  • Baby cosmetics;
  • Perfume and cosmetic products for the chemical colouring, lightening, and highlighting of hair;
  • Perfume and cosmetic products for permanent waves and hair straightening;
  • Perfume and cosmetic products made with nanomaterials;
  • Perfume and cosmetic products for hair removal;
  • Peels;
  • Fluorine-containing oral hygiene products in which the fluoride mass fraction exceeds 0.15 % (for liquid oral hygiene products – 0.05 %);
  • Tooth whiteners that contain hydrogen peroxide or other components that produce hydrogen peroxide, including carbamide peroxide and zinc peroxide, with a hydrogen peroxide concentration (as an ingredient or produced) of 0.1–6.0 %.

To complete a declaration of conformity, it is sufficient to provide the composition of the product according to the INCI, annotation, a copy of a certificate attesting to compliance with international manufacturing standards (ISO, GMP), and a sample of the product.

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